• Structural Waterproofing engineers

CAD Design

At the design stage, after the desk studies have been completed and the concept agreed upon, we provide a comprehensive technical waterproofing design service. It is critical at this stage to ensure everything in the waterproofing design is sufficient and compliant according to the structure in question. Our technical design team undergo stringent training and have to pass the CSSW exam to be able to act competently as a waterproofing designer.

We take the project construction drawings and provide a complete set of working detail drawings which will produce a practicable design for the waterproofing to be installed correctly to the structure. It is at this stage when any incompatibilities can be recognised and resolved.

We regularly attend design team meetings and provide recommendations and advice relating to the waterproofing strategy. When detailing the waterproofing design, we liaise between architect, engineer, client and contractor to ensure the design is sufficient and practical.

BIM Design

At FIS we are working hard on becoming fully BIM compliant and are currently working with the RIBA to finalise a full set of BIM objects. These will be available on the RIBA product selector shortly.

  • Structural Waterproofing Floor Plan Design
  • Structural Waterproofing Design