Sacred Heart School


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Maxiprufe 2000 & Hydroprufe 6000 & Rootguard 4000

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Client  London Borough of Southwark BSF
Architect  Cottrell and Vermeulen LLP
Main Contractor  Balfour Beatty Liviing Place Plc 
Structures Contractor   Moortown Group Ltd 




Building Schools for Future was first initiated in the early 2000’s and the London Borough of Southwark built 12 new Schools under this scheme.

Balfour Beatty Living Places Limited were looking for a cost effective solution to prevent water ingress to the service trench, lift pits and ground floor slabs. The ground investigation report showed the presence of Japanese Knotweed the UK’s most aggressive, and invasive weed. A waterproofing package was required which would:

• Provide specific detail design
• Provide a barrier to prevent invasion by Japanese Knotweed
• Be suitable for installation in cold and wet weather
• Be suitable for application by the groundworkers to save costs
• Provide a guarantee equivalent to the specified system

FIS proposed the use of two membranes used together which would prevent water and weed ingress as well as being an easy application. Despite the unexpected Japanese knotweed discovery, FIS were able to meet all the requirements of this demanding project and keep the programme on track. FIS worked with Moortown Group Limited throughout the membrane installation, inspecting the membrane and delivering materials next day and same day as required.