25 Culross Street

The Culross House in London seems like any other home on the residential block. But the six-level home was custom-designed with every amenity.

The 8,051-square-foot “townhouse-mansion” in the Mayfair neighborhood has been developed by London developer K10 Group, which took two-and-a-half years to complete. They brought in design firm Argent Design to create the interiors of the 15-room house.

Just a short walk to Hyde Park in Mayfair, the site of the home was once the coach house for the head groom to the Capel family, the Earls of Essex, according to the listing. A wealthy industrialist, Sir Thomas Stepney, bought the property in 1814, converting it in 1929 to a brick house.

FIS are proud to have worked with McGee Group  to have waterproofed this luxury dwelling, incorporating a triple story basement. This project was made interesting by the actual design itself and by the fact that it is a terrace property on a very small street!

Level -2 of the triple level basement incorporated a swimming pool which extended below the slab. The high-profile nature of this Mayfair property meant that the decision was made to use a combined three-fold waterproofing system using:

FIS were able to support the construction team with Structural Waterproofing design and advice prior to the construction phase and during the waterproofing installation phase. On-site quality control inspections, product training and technical advice was provided throughout the construction phase.



Waterproofing Type


Type A Barrier Protection

Maxiprufe 2000

Type B Integral Protection

Hydrocrete Concrete

Type C Drained Protection

Hydroflow HP