Luxury Finchampstead Dwelling


Type A

Type B  

Type C  

Maxiprufe 2000

Waterproof Concrete 

N / A

Client  Private Land Owner 
Architect  N/A
Structures Contractor   JGB Groundwork Ltd



This project was to construct a new private dwelling with a large full footprint basement which included a swimming pool.

The Ridges in Finchampsted is a beautiful part of Buckinghamshire and this particular corner plot was redeveloped to make way for an impressive new home with a large full footprint basement.

As this basement was to be used for living accommodation, the construction of the basement included the use of watertight concrete and Maxiprufe 2000 waterproof membrane. This waterproofing design was a combined system using Type A and Type B protection to produce a Grade Three below ground environment.

FIS worked with the Architects and the contractors to produce detail design, continuous on site support and quality control checks to ensure the Maxiprufe 2000 membrane was installed correctly and to ensure the project ran smoothly. As the walls were built with double sided shutters inside the temporary sheet piles, there was very little room to get to the back of the cast walls. This meant using Maxiprufe 2000 was ideal because it could be installed quickly and no unusual tools or methods were required to fix it in place.