Weston Parade

After consultation with residents in 2011 and 2012, plans were put in place to redevelop the Weston Lane Shopping parade area in Weston Shore, Southampton. The Council responded to the resident’s wishes of more residential properties and fewer shops in the area.  HGP architects in Fareham created the scheme which was duly approved and Bouygues UK we appointed to deliver the new mixed residential and commercial scheme.

Demolition began in early 2014 and Bouygues appointed PP Construction Ltd midway through that year to deliver the groundworks package. FIS brought value to the main contractor and groundworks contractor by providing full technical advice on the protection required for the brownfield site. FIS produced CAD detail design in accordance with the British Standard BS84845:2007 and BS8102:2009. The NHBC approved designs used a gas resistant pre-applied waterproofing system to provide complete high quality protection in a single application.

FIS produced detail design within five working days and delivered materials to site as they were required for each different block. As the installation progressed, the FIS technical team were on site to ensure the installation was correct and of high quality. Each stage inspection led to the issue of a complete 25 Year Warranty once the development had been completed.

  • Types of structural waterproofing