Bridge Waterproofing

Waterproof Coating  Premcrete Hydroflex Grey/Black  
Client  Lagan Construction 

The Requirement

With the deadline for completion approaching fast, Lagan Construction were under pressure to get this bridge over the Olympic Park waterway completed on time and on budget. The bridge deck was constructed from plywood sheeting and required a waterproof coating. The coating would have to bond well to the ply and remain flexible to cope with the movement of the bridge. The coating would also have to be resistant to spiked shoe traffic as the 2012 London Olympic athletes would be walking from the residential section of the park to the arenas.

The Solution

FIS Products worked with the site and design team to produce a design for a tough and flexible waterproof coating which would meet  Lagan Constructions budget.

The specialist wood primer had to be applied first and this was a complex operation as it could not be applied to damp timber. Lagan Construction used a marquee and drying equipment to ensure the project stayed on program. FIS attended site during the application phase to provide training and technical assistance throughout.