Brighton i360

Structural Waterproofing British Airways 360


Products Used  Teknodure HS and Hydrophilic  Waterbars
Client  Brighton i360 Ltd
Architect  Marks Barfield Architects
Structural Engineer Jacobs Engineering
Main Contractor  Mackley Limited


The Requirement

The Main Contractor on this unique project required assistance with specification and selection of various specialist construction chemicals including Structural Waterproofing solutions, Structural Grouts and Concrete Repair. One particular requirement was the specification of a 100 N/mm2 non-shrink cementitous grout to be poured under the base of the i360 tower. The tower was constructed from sections called “cans” and the bottom section would need to be structurally grouted in and rest on a bed of 100 N/mm2 structural grout.

The Solution

FIS worked with the contractor and design team to provide Teknodure HS which is a high strength grout meeting the required 100kN strength requirements. FIS worked closely with the engineers to ensure the width and depth of placement was suitable for the grout. The grout is a cementitous grout which meant that mixing and placement was as simple as it could be. This was a recognised benefit to the contractor as the site was a high profile site in a very public location on Brighton beach, logistics and placement of construction chemicals had to be kept as simple as possible to ensure a smooth running project.

Teknodure HS has been used on many high profile construction and civils projects in the UK . It is a high quality 100 N/mm2 grout which makes it much stronger than normal cementitious grouts. This has particular advantages for demanding situations. The grout is the only grout in the UK to be tested and comply with clause HA2601 for the Highways Agency. This allowed the Forth Crossing Bridge Constructors to successfully use Teknodure HS on the new Queensferry Crossing Bridge.

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