Structural Waterproofing

The Role of a Waterproofing Design Specialist

A qualified and diligent structural waterproofing designer should be able to take the all the project information including the site investigation report, the local geotechnical information and the construction drawings and produce a structural waterproofing design to suit the structure.

The designer will ensure that the protection design is compliant with the British Standard BS8102:2009 and the British Standard BS8485:2015. They will also advise on how other products, trades and structural elements should interact with the waterproofing, and they will advise if extra protection or preventative methods are required to prevent damage by follow on trades.

What makes a Qualified Waterproofing Designer?

The property care association run a programme of education and examination which enables attendees to achieve CSSW – Chartered Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing and CSRT – Chartered Surveyor in Remedial Treatments qualifications.

The CSSW qualifications mean that the delegate is competent and qualified to produce structural waterproofing designs and advise other designers involved in a construction project as to best practice and correct detailing relating to structural waterproofing.

Does Waterproofing Design really require a specialist Designer?

Waterproofing design is a complex task. Every construction project is designed by an architect and a structural engineer and often the contractor’s design manager too. However, it is necessary to introduce a waterproofing specialist into the process to design the structural waterproofing system in total compliance with the British Standard 8102:2009 and ensure it is practicable for contractors to install.

The designer can take the site investigation report and any other corresponding reports and ensure sufficient protection is designed. Getting the design correct prior to the construction phase can save significant costs, for example, if a site requires a gas protection membrane and this is not identified until the construction stage, huge costs will be incurred to redesign the protection system.

An NHBC Requirement

If the project is a building which is guaranteed by NHBC then it is a mandatory requirement by NHBC that a CSSW qualified waterproofing designer is involved as early as possible in the design process. This is a requirement which was introduced in January 2017 by NHBC in their updated chapter 5.4 which you can view here.

Is FIS a Waterproofing Designer?

FIS are experienced, certified and qualified structural waterproofing designers. We carry £10M Professional Indemnity insurance which means we take full responsibility for the design element of structural waterproofing.

We work with architects and engineers to ensure the construction methodology is sympathetic with the waterproofing design which will mean that the waterproofing design is suited for on-site installation.

An in-depth understanding of the British Standards and associated recommendations is of utmost importance. FIS have invested a lot of time training and updating staff to ensure the correct standards are always met.

A Waterproofing Project in London

We recently worked with the design team on a redevelopment of 48 Leicester Square in Central London. This was a complex project which saw the listed facade retained and a double-storey basement constructed beneath it.

Structural Waterproofing London

FIS took full responsibility for the waterproofing design and worked with the Architect, Structural Engineer and the Contractors to ensure the waterproofing was designed and installed to a high standard in accordance with BS 8102:2009. You can read more here.

Structural Waterproofing Designer

RIBA Approved Waterproofing Design CPD Courses

At FIS we are constantly looking to educate our industry and ourselves in all aspects of waterproofing design. Consequently, we offer RIBA approved CPD seminars. These are 45-minute presentations, where we can come to you and cover the essentials of waterproofing or gas proofing design. To book your CPD or to find out more, click here.

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