When we went to Brighton




So a few weeks ago on the last sunny day in October, we went to see the new British Airways I360 viewing tower. At 160M tall this recently completed tower is officially the most slender tower in the world. That’s a pretty call fact right?

When we got there we had a look down into the mini basement which houses the machinery. This is also where the massive base of the tower is bolted to the extremely thick concrete slab.




Then we hopped onto the glass pod and were transported to the top in a matter of minutes. Whilst hanging there 138M above Brighton Beach, we weren’t even a little bit scared! Why not? Well a few months prior to our visit, we’d witnessed the Premcrete Teknodure HS grout being placed under the base of the tower. We knew the foundations of this tower were solid!




A good foundation is everything and we knew that JT Mackley main civils contractor and CJ Thorne civil engineering contractors had done an excellent job throughout the project. We were able to enjoy the view with no qualms at all!!








Teknodure HS has been used on many high profile construction and civils projects in the UK . It is a high quality 100 newton grout which makes it much stronger than normal grouts. This has particular advantages for demanding situations. The grout is the only grout in the uk to be tested and comply with clause HA2601 for the Highways Agency. This allowed the Forth Crossing Bridge Constructors to successfully use Teknodure HS on the new Queensferry Crossing Bridge.


UPDATE: We are delighted to reveal this project has recently won the prestigious RIBA South East 2017 Award. We were pleased to be involved with this unique venture, supplying specialist grouts and waterproofing materials.

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